5 Best Photo editor app for Android in 2016

5 Best Photo Editor app for Android in 2016

In this digitalized world, people always love to take pictures, and they tend to edit these pictures in different ways to impress others.

I don’t have to say the crazy about selfies and pictures in this social media world. Most of the people out there might start their day with uploading a photo to their social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and so on.

Previously, people used to take photos from the cameras, but we have to say thanks to the vast improvements made on the smartphone cameras because nowadays we don’t need to take a separate camera to outing spots.

All you need is just a smart phone and for editing photos also nowadays we can use smartphones as well, we don’t need to copy-paste all photos into the PC and re-edit them according. We can directly edit through the various photo editors in smartphones itself.

Best Photo editor app for Android


So, this means a lot to selfie lovers,

Have you ever been a selfie freak?

If you are a selfie freak then, I am damn sure that you might try most of the photo editors edit your pictures.

But most of you might not get the perfect photo editors because there are the infinite number of apps out there to edit. So to make your work more quickly we have come up with a list of best android photo editors of 2016.

Here I am going to show the list of top 10 best photo editor apps for Android in 2016.

By these photo editors, you can edit your photo as your wish.

5 Best Photo editor apps for Android in 2016

  1. Snapseed

Snapseed is a complete photo editing with easy editing features. It was the app which was developed by Google at the moment this was the app which is growing faster than the other photo editing apps in Android.


This app has more than 10 million downloads with 4.4 rating in google play store, and with that, you can know how useful that app was.

It has many key features like:

  • Smooth Brightness and contrast control over your pictures.
  • Healing, brush, and structure tools are there to edit your photos.
  • Moreover, you can Use many filters like HDR Scape, Lens Blur, Grunge, grainy film, Retrolux, Noir and black & white effects.
  • It is also having the Face-specific lighting or smoothen skin feature.
  • It can open JPG and DNG files.
  • You can use the “Stack” to re-adjust your picture edits later.
  • You can select any filter brushes you like.
  • All styles have precise control, so you don’t have to worry about the photos.
  • Overall it has 25 tools and filters presently, and you can expect even more tools and filter in the new version of Snapseed.

Besides all these features this app has a perfect advantage over the rest photo editing apps. In this last update, you can also edit photos in RAW Format.

  1. Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Bonfire photo editor is another editor which is increasing its popularity slowly these days, and I found this editor has much more effects. You can easily have the most out of the necessary edits. And it is very to change its filters.

What makes bonfire a lot of fun photo editor is, it has the sheer number of filters that supports. It comes with the most standard features of Black and White, HDR, etc. but it has some unique features which lead its way to fancy photo editor app.

It has some filters which can turn your standard photos into watercolors, and it has more fun filters. It also has some basic editing tools like skin smoothing, healing and blemish removal, etc.


  • It has 110+ unique filters where you will love to use.
  • It is having all kind of filters effects which suits landscape, selfie.
  • It is highly optimized with the artificial intelligence algorithm.
  • Removes your blemish marks automatically and turn your picture into a ravishing image.
  • It has Smart skin whitening technology to makeover your photos.
  • This app has standard features like HDR, Black and White and other tone filters.
  • Bonfire has the Magic “fancy” effect which innovative your photo and turns into a beautiful watercolor good looking picture.

These are some of the features of the bonfire.

  1. Airbrush

If you are crazy about fancy magic editors, then you will love this app because this app has some great magic fancy edits. You will simply love the way app edit your photos. Airbrush is having some great edit and fixing tools.  It can easily edit your photo whenever you take a selfie. It will edit your photos instantly, and it will remove all your blemish, dark shades, and so on.

This app feature has an ability to make your eyes look brighter, and along with that it is also best in reshaping images and it will help to reshape your picture.

Of course, this app is having a lot of filters where you can add some spice to your photos.

This app has more than 10 million installs, and it has 4.7 rating in the Google play, and by that review, you can say about the tool.


  • Blemish and pimple remover works perfectly.
  • It has teeth whitening abilities.
  • You can make your eyes brighter.
  • Perfect skin tone in each and every photo you edit.
  • Slim, reshape and adjust your selfie or photo.
  • Artistic Retouching features.
  • You can add depth and style to your photos.
  1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe always stands in top results because of its vastly improved features and their mobile features offerings. Over the last few years, you can find the Adobe Photoshop Express is the leading photo editing apps which have powerful abilities to transform any photo into an impressive piece of the image.

It has many other features such as sync to the desktop variants as long as you use the Adobe creative cloud. If you use Lightroom, then you can see many adjustments from basic to advance filters. You really can’t find those type of changes in standard photo editors.

I think I don’t have to talk about the Adobe Photoshop much because many of you already know about it. If you don’t then you have to try this photo editor to get some great results.

  1. Prisma

Prisma is one of the latest photo editing app, and it has created a sensation on play store. It has been the best photo editor app for android devices in 2016 for its filters, but if you compare with above apps, you can get more filters in those apps.

Although the above apps are having more effects than Prisma, it stands apart from them. Because Prisma rebuilds your photos with some amazing artistic effects in the form of painting. This app is a free app to download, and you can find some new features soon to these updates.

These are five best photo editors of the Android in 2016.


This is all about the five best photo editors of Android in 2016.  If you have any other apps you want to specify in this list, then do comment us below, and you can also share your views on the apps we listed in this best photo editors.

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