Nexus 5 Design And its Performance

nexus 5

Nexus 5 Design And its Performance

nexus 5Nexus 5 has 5 inches 1080p IPS display that is 1920 x1080. Its color is lower saturated than what you had found on HTC 1 or the iPhone 5s. Nexus 5 display has bright on the devices. Being the 5 inches of display device, the mobile itself are wide. This Nexus 5 measures the 5.43 x 0.34 inches. It has round earpiece as well as this Nexus 5 gets amazingly loud given its size. This Nexus 5 has the front camera on the left side. The base of Nexus 5 has a micro USB port for synchronizing and charging and the two grills such as housing of a speaker and the microphone.


The top of device has 3.5mm headset jack as well as a small hole for the microphone; it will act as the noise cancellation features. Therefore, you can easily get relief from the noise. Around an edge of device, there are power buttons and the ceramic volume. The left side has flat and sharp edged volume button as well as power button is on the upper right side. The ceramic buttons are the nice touch. The Nexus emblazoned on a soft touch cover. It has an 8MP camera in a large module and it has LED flash. This Nexus 5 has more memory space so you cannot worry about the space. This Nexus 5 carries on the latest tradition, so you can enjoy more with t5his latest tradition.  This kind of the mobile has the Photo Sphere and the panorama mode application for camera, where this is the best resolution camera which is introduced first in this kind of mobile.  This panorama mode has the special characteristics that you can take the photo from any side such as the right and left to capture this panorama photo is obvious, so you can pan the camera from left side into the right side of the capture of a panorama photo. The Photo Sphere allows capturing the 360-degree photos and you can do so much by simply panning camera from left into right as well as up and down. You can see the Photo Spheres in the Google+, if you need to share with your friends or any others. The HDR+ takes a rapid series of a photo and blends it together to retain the highlight and the shadow details in your photos. With the high contrast, cameras can take its wonderful time on focusing whether focussing all. The image quality is very impressed with a file as well as giving a natural image look. The nexus 5 shoots about 1080p of HD videos, it is becoming constant at the high end of Smartphones.  The video does not shaky or other jarring.



With Nexus 5, you can get 2.3GHz Snapdragon with the Adreno 330 GPU. These apps and the games like champions and switching from the home screen into apps and its back is very smooth. The most things are that it has good performance in its every feature. The graphic intensive games are performing amazingly well and it has long battery life. This Nexus 5 has advanced hardware and the software program. The new Google phone provides the latest android and all the android has excellent performance. Its camera performance as well as the battery life is more. Therefore, you can get more benefit by using this wonderful android. Its price level is less when compared to other versions android. Most people like to get this fantastic android because it has advanced features and the specifications. Therefore, get ready to buy this wonderful android and get more entertainment.

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