Get Fantastic Android 4.4 Kitkat To Get More Benefit

Android 4.4 kit kat

Get Fantastic Android 4.4 Kitkat To Get More Benefit

Android 4.4 kit katSamsung Galaxy S4 runs on the Android 4.4 KitKat, this will officially updated into Android 4.4.4, a last iteration in Kitkat line. Currently these KitKat only available for Google nexus 5 and it can son available for Nexus 4, 7 and 10. The android 4.4 KitKat designed to run on the devices with 512MB of random Access Memory, it has a good memory management. It will provide the developers as well as the OEM manufactures with the tools and the options to take benefit of the improvements. The memory improvements expected to lead into smoother multi tasking well. It looks like a memory optimizations can lead to the greater adoption of the Android 4.4 and it should make unify Android to some of the extent. You can activate the Google Now by simply clicking “OK Google”, this available to the Nexus 5. The contextual card features gets an upgrade. The Google Now card will predict the information you want depends on your location, TV programs or favorite sites.

The Android 4.4 features the new one that is app-linking feature; it allows a Google search to very deep link of search results to the application that installed on the user device. For example, if you searching for the restaurant through the Google Now, it will direct you into the restaurant reservation app, they are OpenTable, therefore ready to get reservation for a particular restaurant.

The Google hangouts will get support for the HD of video calls across all the devices. The video and the voice calling also improved to make hangouts all in one solution into the communication requirements. Animated GIF and the location sharing via the Google Maps are supported.

It has smarter caller ID, the android default phone app also get some of the welcome changes includes new design. Dialer has search field so you will use to search for the business contact of information listed in the Google maps. This will completely pull up the contact information for a business near that area. These Google Maps of data used by phone app caller ID that is used to identify the unknown numbers by just cross checking a number with nearby the business.


New phone app prioritizes your all contact depends on people that you talk to most one; these are available in the new integration with the Google Maps. The Android 4.4 comes with the immersive mode, if you are playing games, watching videos or reading eBooks and more others. This immersive mode hides everything except app what you are using.

Once you have done these, you can just swipe an edge of screen to take back your navigation buttons and the status bar. This Android support for the cloud storage solutions they are Google Drive built to an operating system. This feature will help you to save and open directly from cloud without any save to your device storage. Apps are QuickOffice able to take benefit of the integration and just open documents directly from the Google Drive on the Android device. This Android adds an operating system that support for the new two composite sensors such as step counter and the step detector. This will allow the fitness app of developers to the access pedometer data without any writing complex algorithms and code. This support coupled with hardware sensor of batching, it reduces the power consumed by the sensors. This Android 4.4 KitKat improves the user accessibility by simply adding the system wide closed captioning settings.

Therefore, it has good performance so you can enjoy more with this fantastic Android 4.4.

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